UniPackers: Levelling, Aligning & Packing

Plastic UniPackers are a universal and versatile product used widely in the construction industry as well as having many other commercial uses.

These polypropylene horseshoe components are fully manufactured in Australia and 100% water and rust resistant. UniPackers are specifically designed not to rot, shrink or expand and are also able to withstand being sawn, nailed, drilled and screwed proving them to be the most robust and durable product available and your ultimate construction solution for levelling, aligning and packing.

Professionally tested by NATA, our UniPackers high-compression strength means they can be used in many adverse applications.

How are UniPackers made?

The UniPackers are injection moulded. injection Moulding is a process in which raw plastic material is fed into heated barrels, melted and forced under pressure into a mould cavity where it cools and hardens to the shape of the mould. The component is then ejected from the machine.