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Snap Grommets

Uni-Grommets are used for the electrical and Plumbing industry.

  • Appropriate for use in steel house frames.
  • Suitable for both hot and cold plumbing lines.
  • Electrical grommets have a larger opening and are designed to protect your electrical cables from sharp edges and burs.
  • Manufactured using a universal heat-resistant polymer.
  • Convenient, safe and easy to use.


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SG-34 Snap Grommet 34mm Diameter 1000
SB-8 Snap Grommet 8mm Diameter 500
SB-10 Snap Grommet 10mm Diameter 500
SG-13 Snap Grommet 13mm Diameter 500
SG-19 Snap Grommet 19mm Diameter 500
SG-20 Snap Grommet 20mm Diameter 500
SG-22 Snap Grommet 22mm Diameter 500
SG-25 Snap Grommet 25mm Diameter 500
SG-26 Snap Grommet 26mm Diameter 500
SG-30 Snap Grommet 30mm Diameter 500
SG-32 Snap Grommet 32mm Diameter 500
SG-38 Snap Grommet 38mm Diameter 500
SG-45 Snap Grommet 45mm Diameter 500
SG-50 Snap Grommet 50mm Diameter 500